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Tuntuni's Adventure

A gamified experience on touch devices that builds a bridge with the evolving needs for children’s entertainment and India’s folklore heritage by translating old stories from traditional to new media.




Graduation Project

Pearl Academy




Solo Project

Research & Ideation




'Kantha' is form of running stitch from West Bengal, India. Women of the house take old worn out clothes, stitch them up in layers and then embroider characters and patterns on them. This art style resonated with the selected set of folktales which were being developed into stages for the digital game.



Unity was used as the underlying game engine to fuel this project coupled up with Yarn and YarnSpinner for the dialogue system. Several stages of user testing and incremental iterations took place to finally reach a set of playable levels.

This project is largely aimed at children, possessed with the tenacity and curiosity that many of us exhibit during our formative years. As times have evolved, we find that children today are exposed to multiple media platforms rife with distractions and stimulation that have been observed to drive them away from books and more towards interactive media. At this point it becomes imperative to note that it isn’t in fact the stories that have gone out of style but the way in which it is presented to children can be easily dismissed given current circumstances. Under such a presumption the retelling of such stories is key for them to be engaged in a process that will both satiate their curiosity and also provide them the stimulation they crave from media.

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